Insurance Building Services

Customer Service at Construct Services

Right from the start when a job is lodged with us to inspect a reported claim the policy holders are kept informed and up to date.

One of our commitments is that we always contact the policy holder within one working hour from job lodgement, so as to reassure them that something is being done and to make necessary arrangements for an inspection of damage to take place. This is part of our claims commitment.

At the initial inspection, an information sheet called Your Claim is given to policy holders. This contains information relating to the claim which they may not necessarily know and which is so often taken for granted. Details are:

1. Information about Construct Services in relation to their insurer
2. What will occur during our visit
3. What will occur after our visit
4. What the policy holder needs to do
5. Who to contact for enquiries
6. Our satisfaction guarantee

As part of our Quality Control procedures, we have a system whereby each and every policy holder for whom we carry out work will be given the opportunity to provide feedback on the service and work received. This will be used to rectify any individual problems and to take steps to eliminate repetition in the future.


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