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Who We Are

Construct Services specialises in building and property repairs for insurance companies and their appointed loss adjusters.

We continue to grow and develop relationships with insurance companies to find and implement better ways of handling and repairing insurance claims on behalf of Policy Holders.

Our Clients all have their own specific way that they want to handle their claims, we deliver tailored systems to achieve their unique requests within our finely tuned operational business structure.

Initially we receive instructions to inspect a claim, which may require either a quote, estimate or report with a detailed scope of work. Repairs can begin immediately with prior arrangements or instructions from the Client. How we proceed depends on the type of claim, what we find when inspecting the claim and the instructions or arrangements with the insurance company.

Ongoing training and development of our frontline staff including; Customer Services Officers, Building Supervisors, Building Estimators and Tradespeople within our continuous improvement system, is the key to our growing success.

Strong and steady growth of our business comes from our ability to adapt to the changing needs of our Clients and their Policy Holders.

Our passion is to care for the people whose lives have been disrupted by an unexpected insurable event in their home or commercial property and to return their lives back to normality as soon as possible.

What We Do

30 years of Excellence.

Our areas of expertise and management systems allow us to handle a very high volume of small to medium value claims and a large number of major loss claims from catastrophic and significant weather events. Our systems and procedures are developed with input from our Clients to ensure their changing needs are accommodated.

What does all this mean? It means we are prepared to guarantee our work and that’s exactly what we do. Each and every Policy Holder for whom we carry out work is given a satisfaction guarantee before the work commences.

Our commitment to delivering Quality Repairs with Outstanding Service sets Construct Services apart.

We specialise in all types of building repairs and services including;

  • Emergency Make-Safe

  • Burglary

  • Storm

  • Flood

  • Fire

  • Impact

  • Earthquake

  • Detect Gas & Water Pipe Leaks

Our National Coverage Areas

National Coverage. Local Knowledge.

Our Customer Experience

Committed to the Customer.

Right from the start when a job is lodged with Construct Services to inspect an insurable claim, the Policy Holder and Insurer is kept informed and up to date.

Our commitment is to always contact the Policy Holder within 60 minutes from job lodgement to reassure them that their claim is progressing and that they are in the caring and capable hands of empathetic Construct Services staff. We assure the Policy Holder that we are here to work with them and to make all necessary arrangements so that they do not need to worry and can get on with their lives and look after their family.

Policy Holders are our Customers. Caring for Customers is Construct Services commitment.

As part of our Quality Control system, we ask each Policy Holder to provide feedback on every aspect of the service they received from Us. We respond immediately to all feedback to ensure we are always providing the best possible service to our Clients and their Customers.

At our Initial Inspection with the Policy Holder we provide information on;

  • What will occur during our visit

  • What will occur after our visit

  • What the Policy Holder needs to do

  • Who to contact for enquiries

  • Our satisfaction guarantee

Our Services

Professional and Reliable.