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We look after people, not just claims

When your home or business gets damaged, it can be an upsetting and stressful time. At Construct Services, we work with your insurer to deliver the quality repair work you need to get your life back to normal. 

We keep it human, because we know that behind every claim there maybe distress and anxiety. It’s not only property we’re repairing but lives and businesses.

  • We’ll acknowledge your claim within an hour of receipt
  • We’ll send an experienced estimator to your site, or utilise the latest virtual assessment technology to examine the damage, discuss your concerns and recommend the best course of action
  • We’ll send you notifications throughout each phase of your claim journey, so you know what’s happening and what to expect
  • We’ll liaise with you and your insurer about costings, scope of works, timelines, repair schedules, and to make sure all legalities are taken care of
  • We have channels in place to deal with your claim effectively if you live in a regional, remote or inaccessible area
  • We have a qualified, skilled taskforce who will implement the highest quality repairs and workmanship

We offer stability in times of instability

Whether you need a small repair or you’re facing more significant damage, our experienced claims team gets to work to assess the issues and prepare an appropriate repair strategy.

We also understand the need to balance the day-to-day demands of home, work, school and family, so we’ll work with you to schedule the most convenient time for repairs to commence.

Our mission is to provide you with the best claims management and repair experience. We’ll ensure high quality repairs are completed as soon as possible. 

  1. Acknowledgement

    60 minutes


    Your insurer has engaged us to assist with your claim. One of our claim managers will be in contact to make sure you’re safe and to identify any urgent make safe requirements to prevent further damage. It’s important we speak with you to ensure we quickly understand your current situation and decide the best next steps together.

  2. Appointment


    48 hours

    We’ll agree a suitable time with you to inspect and assess the damage to your property. Our aim is to get there as quickly as possible while accommodating your scheduling requirements. Alternatively, we may use our virtual inspection technology to assess the damage, which saves time and speeds up the repair process.

  3. Inspect and assess

    24 hours

    Inspect and assess

    Our experienced and qualified estimator will attend your property or use the latest virtual inspection technology where appropriate. We’ll determine the likely cause of damage, take photographs and measurements and document what needs to be repaired. We’ll also identify and discuss any maintenance issues which need to be addressed prior to the start of insurance repairs.

  4. Report and scope

    Report and scope

    2 business days

    We’ll prepare and submit a report to your insurer for consideration, which includes a scope of works detailing the repair work required. The report, scope and quote is submitted to your insurer within two business days, in most cases.   

  5. Repairs Commenced


    Repairs Commenced

    Once your insurer has given us the go ahead and your excess has been paid we’ll schedule our trades people to commence repairs. In some instances you’ll need to sign an acceptance of the scope and other related documents, depending on regulations and council requirements.

  6. Repair progress

    Repair progress


    We’ll keep in contact with you to answer any questions and to provide updates on the progress of repairs. Our aim is to undertake and complete high quality repairs as quickly as possible.

  7. Repairs completed

    Repairs completed

    We’ll make sure you are satisfied with the repairs and ask for your feedback about your experience with Construct Services. We value the opportunity to hear from every customer we work with.

Frequently asked questions for Insured Customers

  • What does Construct Services need to do before repairing my damaged property

    We’ll inspect your damaged property during onsite attendance or through the latest virtual inspection technology (where access is difficult). Our skilled team will prepare and submit a damage report, scope of work and cost estimate to your insurer. Once approved, we’ll prepare building contracts (where applicable), home indemnity insurance or council approvals, obtain your written repair authority and collect any policy excess. We’ll then schedule our qualified tradespeople to commence repairs.

  • Who will contact me to schedule repairs

    Your dedicated Construct Services manager will help you with your claim from start to finish. They will coordinate specialised tradespeople for each part of the repair process to schedule repairs for a day and time suitable for you.

  • Are your tradespeople licenced, qualified and skilled

    Yes, all our tradespeople are licenced, qualified and skilled in their specialised field. They have also completed work health and safety training to ensure they provide a safe environment when working at your property.

  • Why do I have to pay my excess to Construct Services

    Your insurer has asked us to collect your excess directly as it saves time and allows repairs to commence quickly. Payment can be made online, over the phone or via BPay. Repairs can only commence once you have paid your excess.

  • I have been asked to carry out maintenance before repairs can start, why

    It’s the insured customer’s responsibility to undertake property maintenance and to repair pre-existing damage not covered by the insurance policy. Construct Services have been appointed to undertake repairs to insured damage only. We can only guarantee our repairs once maintenance work has been attended to.  

  • Do I need to sign a building contract with Construct Services

    Each state and territory government has regulations requiring a registered builder to establish a works contract with the insured customer if the value of the work exceeds a certain threshold. This contract is prepared to protect your rights as the owner of the property. There is no cost to the insured customer associated with preparing this contract.

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